The concert performance of Uprooted on November 12th, 2016, was a resounding success. Thank you to everyone who participated in it, onstage, backstage, and in the audience. Video from the show is coming soon. Keep checking back for information about the next presentation of the show. Email info@kristincotts.com if you have questions.

Link to the Facebook page here

Watch the video trailer here

Go to the music page for clips from a concert performance of the show.

About the Show

Uprooted is a surrealist fantasy drama with book, lyrics and music by Kristin Cotts that tells of a rebellion of a group of rambunctious forest dwellers against a tyrannical ruler. The music possesses a lyrical quality but also has distinctly modern, soulful edge. The production requires thirteen singers and two dancers. The singers fall into three SATB quartets: the Pillars and Trees, the Children of the Forest, and the Nobles plus a townswoman named Ursula. Two “shadow dancers” narrate the story through spoken dialogue and comment on the action through dance.

Plot Summary

The action, seen through the eyes of two pillars from the palace and two trees from the forest,  takes place in the mythical province of Deluria, where the evil Lord Gareth has been chopping down the trees in the forest and using the sap to poison the food supply. The sap of the trees, it turns out, has magical properties, which will make the people he rules more obedient. Those who dwell int he forest (Earth, Ash, Sky, and Marilyn) know that something must be done. Earth believes that only a violent overthrow of the nobles will work, whereas Marilyn wants to gather the other Children of the Forest and the townspeople and protest peacefully en masse. Ultimately, Earth is forced to violence, but the consequences are tragic. The Children of the Forest and those who have joined them are left to restore the forest and rebuild their lives out of the chaos violence has left. Throughout the story are interwoven different stories of love and friendship, which reflect the personal struggles of the various characters in the face of powerful social forces.


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